Technologies Translated from Our Research into the Clinic and Market

Our research has led to a number of technologies to facilitate diagnostics and treatment of diseases including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular conditions and dermatological conditions. Many of our technologies have been or are being translated into clinical products via following companies:

  • Sontra Medical Inc.: Sontra Medical (acquired by Echo Therapeutics) was founded based on the sonophoresis technology that allows delivery of proteins and other macromolecules across the skin by application of ultrasound. Sontra developed and launched an ultrasonic drug delivery system (SonoPrepTM) for topical anesthesia, which was approved by the FDA. Echo Therapeutics has also developed a non-invasive transdermal glucose monitoring system that is currently in clinical trials.
  • Fqubed Inc.: Our laboratory invented a tool (INSIGHTTM) that allows rapid screening of formulations to assess their interactions with the skin. fqubed Inc. was founded to develop the technology and was acquired by Nuvo Research. The high throughput screening platform is also used by Tioga Research Inc. for formulation development. Nuvo Research markets a topical diclofenac product (Pennsaid) and has other products under development.
  • Stratagent LifeSciences: Strategent LifeSciences was developed to advance Pulsed Microjet Injectors for drug delivery. This technology allows direct delivery of proteins by shooting small microjets of drug solution into skin. This technology overcomes the challenges faced by conventional jet injectors. Stratagent was acquired by Corium International. Corium markets transdermal patches, including fentanyl and clonidine, and has other products under development.
  • Seventh Sense Biosystems: Seventh Sense Biosystems is developing painless devices for blood collection. This technology, called touch activated phlebotomy (TAPTM) offers a painless wearable device for acquisition of small blood samples for diagnostics. TAP system has received CE mark approval.
  • Dx Biosciences: Dx (now Skincential) is developing ways to solubilize tissues for skin care applications. Skincential's product (ClearistaTM) is currently marketed for removal of seborrheic keratosis.
  • Entrega: We have developed technologies to protect drugs in the stomach and enhance their absorption in the intestine. Entrega was founded to further develop the technology for oral delivery of biologics.
  • Convoy Therapeutics: Our laboratory has identified a group of peptides (SPACE peptide) that is able to penetrate skin and deliver drugs into the skin. Convoy Therapeutics is developing aesthetic (KhalayTM) and dermatological (CyclopsorbTM) agents based on this technology.